United Producers, Inc. Fayetteville, TN location will begin marketing Vacc-60 cattle

Sep 16, 2022

United Producers, Inc. (UPI) Fayetteville, TN location will begin marketing Vacc-60 cattle during the first sale of each month, starting in December 2022.

Vacc-60 is a 60-day preconditioned calf program. Any cattle weaned and enrolled in Vacc-60 during the month of September will be eligible to sell Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at the UPI Fayetteville sale barn. UPI will grade, sort, and co-mingle these cattle into similar kind- and size-lots and make every effort to effectively market these larger lots of cattle.

October-weaned cattle will sell January 3, 2023.

By coordinating producers’ cattle marketing, Lincoln County Cattlemen’s Association (LCCA) and UPI hope to encourage the production of better- quality calves and to create a platform for producers to get better rewarded for their efforts. While pre-conditioned calves have historically sold at above- average prices, past performance does not guarantee future sales performance.

The first step in enrolling cattle in Vacc-60 is to fill out an enrollment form. For assistance, please contact Dale Bryson at (615) 202-8997, Jimmy Jennings at (931) 993-6817, or a Vacc-60 Professional at your local Co-op. 

Learn more about Vacc-60 and all it has to offer here.

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