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Your Co-op sources a wide range of plant food products. Fertilizer is delivered in bulk or bags through our extensive infrastructure to member Co-ops by rail, barge, or truck from a variety of river terminals and plants across Tennessee. We offer dry bulk fertilizer, liquid Nitrogen, micro nutrients, as well as in-season foliar fertilizer and application solutions. We work closely with managers of member Co-ops to identify local needs, and farmers can be assured that they have access to quality plant food products.

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Crop Nutrient Brands


Offering a large selection of soil-enriching products, your Co-op is here to supply you with quality products to take the guesswork out of successful growing. From lawn and garden to crop fields, we’ve got your covered and we are here to get you growing for years to come.


Verdesian’s granulated fertilizer micronutrients are produced by utilizing our Nutripaction® compaction granulation process. This allows us to produce granular products with high water solubility and true chelation in an analytically consistent, low dust, homogenous granule. Our Nutripaction Technology also allows for the complexing of various plant nutrients, including bio-stimulants and Verdeisan’s proprietary Nutrient Use Efficiency technologies, which help prevent and correct deficiencies, to achieve higher and more profitable yields in crop production, and superior performance in lawn and garden, turf and ornamental applications.


The WinField United Crop Nutrients team carries all macronutrient products and provides insightful market intelligence and supply chain solutions to help retailers make more informed fertilizer buying decisions. Products include: Ascend SL, Max In Boron, Gainer 10-16-38, WF Zinc 10%, Max In Sulfur, Max In ZMB Gainer 20-20-20, Toggle, Max In Magnesium, and Ultra Che Zinc


Rainbow Plant Food is a homogenous, granular fertilizer. Precise amounts of each nutrient – primary and secondary – as well as micronutrients, are chemically compounded to form a homogenous mixture. Granules are uniform in size, shape and weight, so the fertilizer spreads evenly. Whether you broadcast or apply it in-row, every plant across the field will have the necessary nutrients available when it’s needed most.


DeltAg provides the best performing biostimulants and micronutrients in the industry. Our products are backed by research, quality assurance and field performance with a design for total satisfaction from the distributor to the dealer to the grower.


Monty’s Plant Food Company offers a natural soil enhancement and plant fertility program using innovative proprietary technologies designed to maximize a farmer’s yield. Harvest results with Monty’s!


At the core of the Compass Minerals’ portfolio of innovative plant nutrition products are the unique, research-tested and field-proven technologies of Wolf Trax DDP Nutrients. By making nutrients more accessible to plants when they are needed most, Wolf Trax products simplify nutrient management, boost crop performance and enhance the return on farmers’ fertilizer investment.

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