What is ProTrition?

ProTrition, is a joint venture company owned by Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC) and Purina Animal Nutrition, a division of Land O’ Lakes, supplying feed, premixes, minerals, pet foods, other nutritional and animal health products. ProTrition brings together the feed manufacturing resources and purchasing, formulation, support, sales, and service teams from the legacy companies to better serve livestock producers within ProTrition’s geography. The company is headquartered in La Vergne, Tenn. Learn more at https://protritionfeed.com.


ProTrition features brands and products that livestock producers will immediately recognize: Purina Animal Nutrition, Co-op Feeds & Minerals and Cumberland Mills feeds.


Both legacy companies bring a great depth of nutritional expertise to ProTrition. Products will continue to utilize research from the Purina Animal Nutrition Facility in Gray Summit, Mo., and from Cooperative Research Farms (CRF), an international partnership of prominent feed manufacturers of which TFC has been a member for more than 55 years. Current nutritionists from the legacy companies will continue to work on behalf of ProTrition.

Our Facilities

ProTrition operates four feed manufacturing facilities in Tennessee: the three mills previously operated by TFC at Jackson, La Vergne, and Rockford, and Purina’s mill in Nashville. The Nashville mill is devoted to the production of non-ionophore feeds to add an additional level of safety for ionophore sensitive species. Additions at all mills will allow for growth and value to our customers. The Tenco feed mill at Rockford will be expanded to have a devoted mineral manufacturing line for Purina Animal Nutrition and Co-op minerals.

Our partner brands…

Co-op Feeds offer livestock producers and companion animal owners high-quality rations backed by the latest industry research to meet the specific nutritional needs of your animals.


Cumberland Mills provides time-tested nutrition built on a tradition of quality. These rations are a good choice for producers seeking high quality at an economical price.  

MonsterMeal represents a no-compromise solution for unsurpassed attraction and nutrition for deer. Our supplements, feed, and attractants all represent the culmination of over 70 years of ruminant nutrition experience. Attract. Nourish. Enjoy.


ProTrition Animal Health offers animal care products from leading industry suppliers like Zoetis, Merck, Elanco, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, and others at competitive prices. The availability of these brand name products, coupled with the expertise available at your local dealer and through the knowledgeable field staff, ensures customers of a dependable source for their varied animal care needs.


Alliance Animal Care LLC, is a wholesale animal health distribution company focused exclusively on procuring products from manufacturers and suppliers and delivering them to wholesale and retail locations through a just-in-time logistics network.