Co-op feed products are available exclusively at your local Co-op. These products are formulated based on scientific research to meet the specific needs of the intended animals.  The Co-op brand offers products for all species and life stages within each species.  

Supplied by ProTrition Feeds, a joint venture company owned by Tennessee Farmers Cooperative and Land O’Lakes Purina, these products are backed by the expertise and experience of these highly respected legacy companies.

Additionally, Co-op feed products are manufactured in FDA-approved and inspected feed plants which translates into a safe feed product for your animals.  

Highly trained and knowledgeable local sales personnel are available to help customers select the appropriate feeds and minerals suitable for their particular forages, management style, and goals. 
Co-op feed products are available bagged or in bulk quantities for convenience.
Have questions? Stop by and visit your local Co-op. We’re happy to help you with your choices.

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