Co-op: A Gardener’s Wonderland

Dec 18, 2023

For those of us with a green thumb, there’s nothing quite like the joy of receiving gifts that nurture our passion for gardening. Even as the winter weather has brought most plant growth to a halt, many garden enthusiasts still love perusing down the garden aisle and dreaming of the next growing season.
If you’re on the lookout for unique and thoughtful Christmas presents for the gardener in your life, look no further than your local Co-op. In this blog, we will unwrap a few gift ideas that will make this holiday season truly special.
Garden Art
         Setting up decorative elements in your garden is a great way to express your creativity and personality. Visit your local Co-op to pick up a wind chime that is not only pretty to look at but will also add a charming sound to any outdoor space. Colorful and unique birdhouses can be tucked into the corner of gardens to attract feathered visitors to your yard, and garden flags can be hung and changed for each season for year-round enjoyment. We have these garden decorations and more at Co-op!
Tool Set
         Every gardener knows the value of reliable tools, so consider gifting a sturdy set of new gardening tools this Christmas! From pruners to hand trowels to rakes, our options at Co-op are sure to withstand seasons of hard work. Plus, add an extra flair to this gift set by packaging it in a garden bag — whether you want something with a cute design or something more practical, we have plenty of options to choose from.
Raised Planters
         Gardening is an activity that everyone should be able to enjoy, even those with mobility issues. In these situations, raised planters can be welcomed Christmas gifts. We have a variety of raised beds and planters that make it easy for wheelchairs to be pulled alongside so everyone can enjoy the therapeutic nature of this pastime. Also, tall plant stands can make it easier for handicapped gardeners to water and care for their potted flowers.
Kid-Sized Tools
         Start them young! For families with kids, pint-sized gardening sets can be a great way to get them playing outside and digging in the dirt. You may even consider giving them their own bed planter that they are “in charge of” to give them a sense of responsibility and ownership. Your local Co-op has garden tools and supplies for kids, including small gardening gloves and clothing. You can even pair it with children’s books about gardening to complete the gift set!
Canning Sets
         Give a gardener canning supplies for Christmas to help them make the most of their harvest and reduce food waste. Canning enables year-round enjoyment of home-grown fruits and vegetables and can also contribute to cost savings, making it the perfect gift for a cost-savvy producer. We have canning sets in stock at many of our Co-op locations, so come take advantage of this thoughtful and practical gift idea!
         As your loved one unwraps these gifts, they are sure to envision a year of successful gardening ahead. Merry Christmas and happy gardening! Find the nearest location here.
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