Co-op Feeds

Co-op offers livestock producers and companion animal owners high-quality rations backed by the latest industry research to meet the specific nutritional needs of your animals. Feed manufacturing facilities are located in Jackson, LaVergne, and Rockford (Tenco). Co-op also offers pet food, livestock supplement products, salt, milk replacers, and various feed ingredients.

Co-op professionals serve as a resource for member Co-ops, associate members, and customers at each step in the product development process as they research, develop, formulate, manufacture, and distribute top-quality feed products.

Our feed staff has the expertise and knowledge to help you choose the most effective solutions for your particular situation. Let us help you increase the effectiveness of your livestock operation.

Co-op Animal Health

Through Alliance Animal Care, LLC, a joint venture of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative and MFA Incorporated, Co-op enjoys competitive buying power and specialized logistics to serve as a resource for the system’s member Co-ops, associate members, and customers.

Through this venture, Co-op offers animal care products from leading industry suppliers like Zoetis, Merck, Elanco, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, and others at competitive prices. The availability of these brand name products, coupled with the expertise available at your local Co-op and through the knowledgeable field staff, ensures customers of a dependable source for their varied animal care needs.

Co-op Livestock Equipment

Co-op offers all the equipment and fencing products you need to work, contain, and care for all sorts of traditional and non-traditional farm animals and pets.

If you’re looking to fulfill the items on your TAEP (Tennessee Ag Enhancement Program) shopping list, constructing a fence, or gearing up for hay season, Co-op can provide the products and guidance you need. Choose from items like gates, corral panels, and bunk feeders produced at Co-op’s own Metal Fabrication plant in LaVergne, or select from nationally known suppliers of fencing, hardware, and livestock equipment. Co-op experts can help you design animal containment and handling facilities to make your job safer and easier.

The Co-op Golden Ticket Contest

All purchasers of Co-op cattle minerals should be on the lookout for a golden ticket in their Co-op mineral bag. Look for one of 36 tickets to be found in select bags of Co-op Cattle Minerals. Each ticket holder will receive a Co-op gift pack that includes a 26-quart Orca Cooler in addition to other prizes, (a $500 value) and a chance to win a John Deere Gator.

All purchasers of mineral as well as the 36 tickets winners, along with those who send their name, will be entered to win a John Deere XUV560E Gator, a $10,000 value.

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