Winter Farm Equipment Maintenance Checklist

Dec 27, 2022

Equipment that is left idle and uncared for in the winter cannot be expected to perform well in the spring. Now that Christmas is over, take advantage of your winter downtime to perform maintenance work on all your farm equipment.
As you think about what needs to be done, here are 15 points to consider:
  1. Clean crop residue from the engine compartment and around belts and pulleys. 
  2. Grease all fittings or use a rust-preventative solvent.
  3. Check the fluid in gearboxes.
  4. Top off fuel and hydraulic oil tanks. Condensation in the spring can cause water to enter tanks if they are not full.
  5. Slip clutch discs on the PTO shaft (if equipped with a slip clutch, then reset to correct tightness).
  6. Check belt tightness to correct tension.
  7. Check for cracks and other damage in belts and replace them if necessary.
  8. Repack the hub bearing if low or grease is dried out.
  9. Check the condition of the rake, tedder, and baler teeth.
  10. Check cutting blades for cracks and oversized holes. Worn blades may need to be replaced.
  11. Keep your batteries fully charged if you plan to use your equipment during winter or disconnect them until spring.
  12. Monitor the electrical connections of electronics and GPS guidance systems and do not allow wires to bundle up or become tangled.
  13. Tighten wheel lug bolts and inspect the tires for cracks, low pressure, or worn tread.
  14. Check for general excessive equipment wear.
  15. Organize machinery paperwork and records of services and work done.
Your local Co-op stocks most of the parts needed for the equipment it sells or can order parts if needed. Stop by your local Co-op today!
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