Time for a Tune-up!

Jun 13, 2024

Before you kick off your spring lawn care routine, take time to tune up your lawn mower to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance throughout the mowing season. Here’s a rundown of essential steps to include in your mower’s tune-up process:
Sharpen or replace the blade and belt
            Ensuring your mower’s blade is sharp is key to a clean cut. Sharpen the blade or replace it if necessary, tightening it securely with a socket wrench. Additionally, inspect and replace the drive belt if it shows signs of wear.
Inspect and clean the spark plug
            The spark plug plays a crucial role in igniting the fuel-air mixture within your mower’s engine. Disconnect the spark plug cord, remove the plug, and check for any soot, oily deposits, or carbon buildup that could hinder performance. Clean or replace the spark plug as needed, ensuring it’s in good condition for efficient operation.
Change the mower oil
            Old oil can accumulate contaminants and moisture, potentially causing corrosion inside your mower’s engine. Before changing the oil, disconnect the spark plug cord for safety, then tilt the mower to drain the old oil. Refill with the type of oil that’s recommended in your mower’s manual, using a funnel to prevent spills. Check the oil level with the dipstick to ensure it’s at the correct level after refilling.
Fill the fuel tank
            Ensure your mower’s fuel is fresh, as old fuel can cause starting issues. For four-stroke engines, use unmixed gasoline. If your mower has a two-stroke engine, mix the gasoline with the specified amount of oil before filling the tank, as instructed in the owner’s manual.
Lubricate axles and controls
            Apply a few drops of machine oil to each wheel axle and all control pivot points to ensure smooth operation. This simple step enhances maneuverability and extends the life of your mower’s components.
Start up your mower
            Roll your mower outside and start it up to ensure everything is in working order. If your mower doesn’t start immediately, remove the air filter and add a small amount of gasoline directly into the carburetor intake port. Replace the filter and attempt to start the mower again. With these steps completed, your mower should be ready to tackle another season of maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn.
Taking the time to tune up your lawn mower before it gets any later in the season can prevent costly repairs and ensure efficient performance when you need it most. For all your lawn care needs, visit your local Co-op!
Find your nearest Co-op location here. For more content like this, check out the latest issue of The Cooperator.

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