Tennessee County Fair Schedule

May 29, 2024

Fair season in Tennessee is almost here! There’s nothing like exhilarating carnival rides, greasy fair food, lively music, and entertaining games to provide a memorable night for the whole family. Check out the list of upcoming Tennessee county fairs below and start planning your next adventure.
June 2024 County Fairs:
  • June 4-8: Clay County Fair in Celina
  • June 24-29: DeKalb County Fair in Alexandria
July 2024 County Fairs:
  • July 1-6: Smith County Fair in Carthage
  • July 9-13: Jefferson County Fair in Jefferson City
  • July 15-20: Anderson County Fair in Clinton
  • July 15-20: Bedford County Fair in Shelbyville
  • July 15-20: Morgan County Fair Wartburg
  • July 18-28: Overton County Fair in Livingston
  • July 22-27: Greene County Fair in Greeneville
  • July 26-Aug. 3: Macon County Fair in Lafayette
  • July 30-Aug. 3: Bledsoe County Fair in Pikeville
  • July 31-Aug. 3: Cheatham County Fair in Ashland City
August 2024 County Fairs:
  • Aug. 1-10: Putnam County Fair in Cookeville
  • Aug. 2-10: Williamson County Fair in Franklin
  • Aug. 4-10: Fentress County Fair in Jamestown
  • Aug. 5-10: Benton County Fair in Camden
  • Aug. 6-10: Rhea County Fair in Evensville
  • Aug. 6-10: Robertson County Fair in Springfield
  • Aug. 7-10: Carroll County Fair in Huntingdon
  • Aug. 9-17: Henry County Fair in Paris
  • Aug. 10-17: Sequatchie County Fair in Dunlap
  • Aug. 13-17: Cocke County Fair in Newport
  • Aug. 15-24: Wilson County Fair – Tennessee State Fair in Lebanon
  • Aug. 17-24: Scott County Fair in Oneida
  • Aug. 19-24: Appalachian Fair in Gray
  • Aug. 19-24: Cumberland County Fair in Crossville
  • Aug. 20-27: Obion County Fair in Union City
  • Aug. 21-24: Decatur County Fair in Parsons
  • Aug. 26-31: Claiborne County Fair in Tazewell
  • Aug. 26-31: Gibson County Fair in Trenton
  • Aug. 27-31: Meigs County Fair in Decatur
  • Aug. 27-Sept. 2: Sevier County Fair in Sevierville
  • Aug. 29-Sept. 2: Dickson County Fair in Dickson
  • Aug. 29-Sept. 2: Maury County Fair in Columbia
  • Aug. 30-Sept. 7: White County Fair in Sparta
  • Aug. 30-Sept. 7: Coffee County Fair in Manchester
  • Aug. 30-Sept. 8: Delta Fair in Memphis
September 2024 County Fairs:
  • Sept. 1-7: Van Buren County Fair in Spencer
  • Sept. 2-7: Dyer County Fair in Dyersburg
  • Sept. 5-7: Trousdale County Fair in Hartsville
  • Sept. 6-14: Warren County Fair in McMinnville
  • Sept. 6-15: Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville
  • Sept. 6-15: The Nashville Fair in Nashville
  • Sept. 9-14: Henderson County Fair in Lexington
  • Sept. 10-15: Went TN State Fair in Jackson
  • Sept. 11-14: Humphreys County Fair in Waverly
  • Sept. 11-14: Lauderdale County Fair in Halls
  • Sept. 14-21: Lincoln County Fair in Fayetteville
  • Sept. 16-21: Hardin County Fair in Savannah
  • Sept. 19-21: Houston County Fair in Erin
  • Sept. 19-28: Middle TN District Fair in Lawrenceburg
November 2024 County Fairs:
  • Nov. 8-10: Hamilton County Fair in Sale Creek
TBD 2024 County Fairs:
  • TBD: Giles County Fair in Pulaski
  • TBD: Hickman County Fair in Centerville
  • TBD: Franklin County Fair in Winchester
  • TBD: Polk County Fair in Benton
  • TBD: S. Central Area Fair in Hohenwald
  • TBD: Sumner County Fair in Gallatin
  • TBD: Weakley County Fair in Gleason
As the dates get closer, be sure to check the fair websites and/or social media pages for updated information regarding each event. For more content like this, check out the latest issue of The Cooperator.

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