Power Tool Maintenance

Jun 30, 2023

With proper care and maintenance, your power tool collection should last for many years. Follow these simple tips to get the most life out of your tools.
Maintain Batteries
Most battery-operated power tools use lithium-ion batteries, and letting those batteries become overheated will shorten their lifespan. Therefore, store your batteries in a climate-controlled area and avoid leaving them in places where the temperature may spike, such as in the back of a vehicle. Also, do not over-charge your batteries. Only put them on charge when they need it and allow them to fully charge before using them.
Keep Them Cool
         Overworking your tool can put a lot of stress on the motor and batteries, causing it to overheat. This happens most often when you’re using it on difficult materials, such as drilling into concrete or cutting through very hard wood. When working with these materials, use your tools in short increments to keep them from overheating and allow them to properly cool afterward.
         To keep all the moving parts on your power tools working properly, lubrication is a must. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the tool maintenance section of your owner’s manual to determine which lubricant to use and how to correctly lubricate your tool’s model. This practice will prevent your tools from chafing, overheating, or corroding.
Sharpen Bits and Blades
         Your power tools must work harder when the drill bits or saw blades are dull and worn-out. This can lead to extra stress on the motor, which may damage parts or cause the tool to overheat. Therefore, sharpen or replace your blades and bits regularly, and make sure you are using the right bit and blade for the material you are working with.
Clean Regularly
         Use a cleaning cloth to wipe the dirt and other particles from the outside of your tool’s casing after the end of every shift and before you store it away. When cleaning your tool’s exhaust vents, consider using compressed air to blow the dirt away; using a brush could push the particles even further into the tool and cause damage.
Store Them Properly
         Power tools should be stored in a clean, dry place to avoid electrical problems and corrosion. If tools get wet or hot, they may malfunction when you use them or quit working completely. When not in use, store them in a case or cabinet to help eliminate dust and particles getting into the tools through the exhaust vents. 
         Following these simple tips will ensure your power tools are good to use for many years to come. Your local Co-op has the tools you need for your next project, so stop by our nearest location and see our selection.
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