National FFA Week

Feb 17, 2023

February 18-25, 2023, marks an important week for youth in agriculture. It’s the 76th anniversary of National FFA Week, a time to spread the word about what FFA, formally known as the Future Farmers of America, is and the impact it has on its members.
Many people are familiar with the name of the organization, but have you ever considered the benefits of letting your junior high or high school student join their local FFA chapter? FFA is not just for kids who live on a farm; it offers opportunities for students of all backgrounds who are interested in leadership development, personal growth, and career success. If those three things aren’t enough, though, here are several more benefits your students can expect to receive by joining their school’s FFA chapter:
  • Confidence — FFA members will have the opportunity to increase their self-confidence by meeting new people, completing projects, and entering competitions.
  • Friendships — FFA members will have the chance to make lifelong friends with others who share the same passions.
  • Knowledge of the industry — FFA members will learn the ins-and-outs of the agriculture industry, which translates into many other areas of life and business.
  • Healthy living — FFA members will learn where their food comes from and how to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.
  • Work ethic — FFA members will practice dedication, time-management, and hard work through a variety of projects.
  • Good sportsmanship — FFA members will be able to participate in stock shows, skill tests, and public speaking contests, among others, where they will learn the value of healthy competition.
  • Scholarship opportunities — FFA members will have access to numerous scholarships for continued education.
If your youth is currently part of an FFA chapter, encourage them to join voices with other members across the country to raise awareness and advocate for agriculture in their community! For the remainder of the week, the National FFA Organization has listed a schedule of topics to post about on social media to help promote the cause:
  • Monday, February 20th — Share what your chapter is doing to serve your community.
  • Tuesday, February 21st — Connect with an FFA alum who inspires you and tell them why.
  • Wednesday, February 22nd —Share how an ag teacher or advisor has impacted your life.
  • Thursday, February 23rd — Ask friends and family to give to FFA today.
  • Friday, February 24th — Post a selfie wearing your blue today.
  • Saturday, February 25th — Share photos from your #FFAWeek celebration.
Click here to visit the Tennessee FFA Association website, where you can find more information regarding enrollment and membership in your area. If your student’s school has an agricultural education program already in place, contact the school counselor or agricultural education instructor to learn more about the school’s FFA chapter.
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