Game Cameras are Game-Changers

Aug 16, 2023

To be a successful hunter, you must know where to find your game. Setting up trail cameras before hunting season begins will allow you to gather information about game that would otherwise be inaccessible to you.
Some of the insight you may observe includes:
  • Whether deer travel in groups or independently
  • Where does and bucks frequent the most
  • If there are predators in the area that may spook deer
  • How many deer are in the area
  • Age estimates and maturity of deer
  • Level of activity during the daytime and nighttime hours
August and September, in particular, are opportune times to see where deer enjoy feeding the most. If you are in an agricultural area, most deer will be feeding heavily on fields such as soybeans, as well as clover and other lush food plots. Consider placing a camera on the edge of the field to capture the most movement and to scope out the size of the herd.
While the weather is still warm, you will often observe deer gravitating towards water sources and mineral sites as well. Therefore, place your trail cameras near creeks, lakes, or ponds — any place they may frequent to stay cool. You will likely get some up-close footage of bucks traveling in bachelor groups and be able to see the size of their velvet antlers. 
During October and November, you’ll notice that most bachelor groups have broken up. Bucks are especially mobile during November when searching for does during their rut. Move your cameras near locations that does tend to frequent for the best opportunity to find bucks as well.
However, remember that as you place your trail cameras, you will need to mask your scent. Anything you touch can carry your scent for up to several days, acting as a deterrent to deer on high alert. When setting up or checking your cameras, wear rubber gloves and handle them as sparingly as possible. You may also spray an odor-elimination product on the camera to remove any lingering traces of human presence.
Many Co-ops have sales happening now on hunting supplies such as game cameras, food plot seed, feeders, mineral, and more. Call ahead to inquire about the product selection in stock at your local Co-op, and don’t hesitate to ask if we have any special deals going on. Find the nearest location here.
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