Benefits of Planting in the Fall

Oct 03, 2023

While springtime often seems like the prime planting season, trees, shrubs, and spring-blooming perennials are best planted early in the fall. Fall planting gives the plants more time to establish themselves and develop a strong root system before the start of active growth in the spring.
Here are eight reasons why you should consider starting your garden and landscaping right now rather than waiting for spring.
  1. The cooler temperatures reduce stress
Fall planting takes advantage of cooler, more moderate temperatures. Plants can establish their roots more effectively without the stress of summer heat.
  1. There is adequate soil moisture
Fall typically brings more consistent rainfall, which helps newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials establish their root systems. Adequate moisture in the soil reduces the need for frequent watering and helps plants become more resilient to drought in the following year.
  1. There is less competition from weeds
Many weeds slow down their growth in the fall, giving new plants a better chance to establish themselves without as much competition for resources.
  1. The soil warmth encourages root growth
Even though the air is cooling down, the soil remains warm from the summer heat, which encourages plant growth. This helps plants establish strong root systems before winter.
  1. There are fewer pests and diseases
Fall planting can be advantageous because many pests and diseases become less active or die off as temperatures drop. This can reduce the risk of infestations and infections in your garden.
  1. The roots have time to establish
Fall-planted perennials, trees, and shrubs can establish strong root systems before winter, which makes them more resilient to the challenges of the following growing season.
  1. The weather is nicer for hard work
Fall is an excellent time to assess your garden or landscaping and make changes or additions. The cooler weather makes outdoor work more comfortable, allowing you to fully focus on planning for a more beautiful garden in the following spring and summer.
  1. You can enjoy your plants in the spring
Planting in the fall means that many plants will already be established when spring arrives, leading to earlier blooms and a more mature garden to enjoy.
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