Water Quality Grant Proposals Now Accepted

Sep 20, 2021

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) is accepting grant proposals for projects that improve water quality and reduce or eliminate nonpoint source pollution.
“Ecosystem health is connected to human and animal health,” said TDA Commissioner Charlie Hatcher, D.V.M. “The cost-share water quality grants offered with the Nonpoint Source Program improve watershed health and support intended use, including drinking water or waters used for recreation.”
Nonpoint source pollution is soil, urban runoff, fertilizers, chemicals, and other contaminants that degrade surface and groundwater quality. The Nonpoint Source Program was created in 1987 as part of the Clean Water Act.
TDA’s Land and Water Stewardship Section manages the Nonpoint Source Program on behalf of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This federal program provides funding to states to stop nonpoint source pollution; provides training, education, and demonstrations; and monitors water quality. Local governments, regional and state agencies, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations are eligible to apply. Projects that result in measurable improvements to water are given priority.
The deadline for submitting grant proposals is Dec. 1, 2021. Proposals will be evaluated based on program goals and objectives, performance evaluation criteria, and applicable Environmental Protection Agency nonpoint source grant guidelines.
A list of impaired waters, evaluation criteria, and the Request for Proposals can be found here. For more information, contact Dr. Sam Marshall at 615-837-5306 or sam.marshall@tn.gov.
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