TFC Communications Department wins multiple CCA awards

Jul 03, 2023

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative’s (TFC) Marketing and Communications Department staff had another successful year in the 2023 Cooperative Communicators Association (CCA) Communications Contest. The staff brought home several awards that were presented at the annual CCA Institute in Portland, Maine June 4-6.

               The CCA Communications Contest encourages participants to showcase their knowledge, expertise, and skill in areas such as writing, photography, and more. In addition, CCA provides TFC staff with networking experiences and learning opportunities to further their skillset.  

                  Within the writing category, Assistant Editor Claire Hill was awarded third place in the entertaining feature section for her article, “All things mules,” from the April 2022 issue of The Cooperator. This story recognized the Mills family of Santa Fe and their mule logging operation.

               Also, within the writing category, Digital Lead Allison Farley took home the third-place award in the Corporate and Public Relations section for “Foiling the profit robbers,” which was featured in the June 2022 issue of The Cooperator. The story covered the Asher family and how they utilized their fly-control program to reduce livestock stress during the hot summer months.

               Claire Hill also received an honorable mention award in the photography contest scenic/pictorial category for her Fungi Futures pictures. These photos were published in the August 2022 issue of The Cooperator.   

              The team members were also awarded third place for the member publication “over $100,001” award for The Cooperator. Shane Read, senior graphic designer, received third place for the “Driven to Serve” publication in the brochures/pamphlets/one-time publications category.

              “I am proud of the work that our Marketing and Communications Department team members do,” says TFC Chief Executive Officer Shannon Huff. “I am thrilled that the team was recognized at a national level for their work showcasing Tennessee agriculture.”

              CCA is a professional organization that equips members with training and strategies for cooperative communications in areas such as writing, photography, video, layout, and design. As active members of the organization, TFC staff are given opportunities to network with others in the industry and advance their knowledge and skillset to better serve member Co-ops.

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