Tennessee Milk Logo Design Winner Announced

Sep 11, 2023

After collecting 5,230 total votes among four milk logo finalists, the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) announces the winning Tennessee milk logo design.

“The statewide contest to redesign Tennessee’s milk logo is one of the ways we promote our dairy industry,” Agriculture Commissioner Charlie Hatcher, D.V.M. said. “We weren’t sure what we would get when we launched the milk logo contest, and I was impressed with the number and creativity of the results. Primarily, the contest and use of the new logo serves to enhance the visibility of milk that is entirely sourced, processed, and bottled in Tennessee.”

TDA conducted voting at the Wilson County Fair – Tennessee State Fair where 1,500 people stopped by the TDA booth to cast a vote for their favorite. Voting was also open on the TDA Facebook page where more than 3,700 votes were cast.

“Holding the contest at the fair built a lot of excitement for the new look. Giving fairgoers a chance to vote at the fair allowed us the chance to talk to people about local milk and other locally produced foods,” Hatcher added.
“It’s exciting to have my design chosen out of so many creative submissions,” Michaele Bloodsworth said. “I wanted my logo to be aesthetically pleasing and a trusted symbol for farmers who choose to use it as a visual representation of local production and quality. People who buy milk featuring the logo will know the milk is locally produced in Tennessee, and I think people care about supporting farmers.”

Any Tennessee resident was eligible to electronically submit a design for the new Tennessee milk logo. Bloodsworth’s design was chosen out of 34 submissions and, after being selected for the final four, received more than 3,400 votes. As the top vote-getter, she will receive a variety of Pick Tennessee Products gifts.

Tennessee dairy producers whose milk is 100% sourced, processed, and bottled in Tennessee may choose to use the logo. Cow, sheep, and goat milk producers will have species-specific logos they may use to mark their products starting next month. Transition to the new logo will take time to roll out, and it will be up to eligible producers to decide if and when they use the Tennessee milk logo.

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