Tennessee Farmers Cooperative Welcomes Summer Interns

Jun 05, 2024

Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC) is pleased to announce the selection of a talented group of summer interns. These dedicated individuals will have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience and contribute to the success of TFC and its member Co-ops throughout the 12-week program.

The Co-op Summer Internship Program aims to provide aspiring agricultural professionals with practical knowledge, skills, and exposure to the cooperative's diverse operations. This year's cohort consists of a select group of individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, leadership potential, and a genuine passion for the agricultural industry.

"We are excited to welcome these outstanding interns to our team," says TFC Chief Executive Officer Shannon Huff. "Our internship program is designed to nurture and develop the next generation of agricultural leaders, and we believe these individuals have the drive and determination to make a significant impact in our industry."
The selected interns have been assigned to various member Co-ops and TFC departments in our cooperative system. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, they will actively participate in day-to-day operations, engage in strategic projects, and collaborate with local teams to gain comprehensive insights into the cooperative's operations.

"We have carefully designed the program to provide a well-rounded experience for our interns," says TFC Education and Training Manager Scott Bohanon.  "They will have the opportunity to work alongside our knowledgeable employees, learn from their expertise, and contribute something of their own to our cooperative's mission of serving our farmer-owners and rural communities with innovative, quality solutions."

Although some interns have already started serving, the Co-op Internship Program will kick off with an official orientation on May 29 and will run for a period of 12 weeks. Throughout their time in the system, the interns will be encouraged to explore innovative solutions, think critically, and actively contribute to the cooperative's ongoing initiatives. By the end of the program, they will have gained invaluable industry experience and a deeper understanding of the cooperative business model.

TFC is proud to introduce the following interns for the summer of 2024:
  1. Allie Faudi, White County Farmers Co-op
  2. Autumn Smith, First Farmers Co-op
  3. Clara Robinson, Ag1 Farmers Co-op
  4. Cole Williams, Warren Farmers Co-op
  5. Danielle Watkins, United Farm & Home Co-op
  6. Delaney Turner, Macon-Trousdale Farmers Co-op
  7. Emma Gunn, TFC Marketing & Communications Dept.
  8. Evan Plunkett, Lincoln, Bedford, Moore Farmers Co-op
  9. George Wilson, AgCentral Farmers Co-op
  10. Jacob Rambo, AgCentral Farmers Co-op
  11. Josie Parchman, United Farm & Home Co-op
  12. Kayla Payne, Smoky Mountain Farmers Co-op
  13. Lainey Miller, United Farm & Home Co-op
  14. Madison Potts, ProTrition
  15. Makala Blythe, TFC Marketing & Communications Dept.
  16. Molly Campbell, Gibson Farmers Co-op
  17. Samuel Baker, Weakley Farmers Co-op
"We congratulate these interns on their selection and look forward to their contributions to our system," added Bohanon. "We are confident that their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives will invigorate our team and bring new ideas to the forefront of our business."

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