Audrey Kraszewski selected as winner of first Tennessee Farmers Cooperative 4-H T-Shirt Contest

Dec 28, 2023

Audrey Kraszewski, an 11-year-old member of the Tri-Star Cottage School 4-H Club in Montgomery County, has been named the winner of the 2023 4-H T-Shirt Design Contest, sponsored by the Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC). Audrey's creative and captivating design stood out among the entries, earning her the top prize in this statewide competition.

The contest judges said Audrey displayed a combination of artistic flair and a deep connection to Tennessee 4-H in her winning design. Her submission showcased the spirit and values of 4-H, reflecting the organization's commitment to youth development, leadership, and community engagement.

The 2023 4-H T-Shirt Design Contest was open to all current 4-H members, and Audrey's submission was chosen as the winner after an extensive evaluation process. Her design received high marks for its originality and creativity, perfectly aligning with the contest's objectives. More than 100 entries from across Tennessee were submitted for the contest.

As the grand prize winner, Audrey received an iPad and Apple Pencil valued at $600. Additionally, she was presented with five t-shirts featuring her winning design. Her creation will be proudly displayed on T-shirts available for purchase at participating local Co-ops with a portion of the sales proceeds going towards supporting Tennessee 4-H.

"We congratulate Audrey on her outstanding achievement in the 2023 4-H T-Shirt Design Contest," says TFC Chief Executive Officer Shannon Huff. "Audrey's creativity, talent, and commitment to the values of 4-H shine brightly in her winning design. We are excited to see her design make a positive impact as it graces the T-shirts that will be worn by 4-H supporters across Tennessee."

Audrey’s design will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration for the entire 4-H community and beyond, reinforcing the importance of youth engagement and creative expression within the organization. Plans are underway for the 2024 T-shirt contest.

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