An important message for Co-op customers from TFC Chief Executive Officer Bart Krisle

Mar 19, 2020

Co-op is closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and how it impacts our customers, our employees, and our business. We want to stress first that the health and well being of our customers, employees, and other business partners is our priority. 

We understand that many businesses are closing their doors help prevent the spread of the disease, and we respect those efforts. We also appreciate the selfless professionals serving us in the healthcare industry as they deal with increased incidents of the disease. They deserve our admiration and thanks.

Unlike many businesses, however, it’s simply not an option to shutdown agriculture. Farmers have animals to feed and crops to plant, and these activities require a reliable source of quality products and dependable services on a timely basis. Our world depends on the products our farmers produce. We understand Co-op plays a critical role in your operations, and we are committed to continuing to provide for your needs.

            We are encouraging our teams to be responsible. Be responsible at home, at work, and in our communities. We are part of our nation’s food supply system, therefore we are not afforded the luxury of shutting down operations as a  mere precaution.
At the local level
For specific information, customers should stay connected to their local Co-op staff. If you’re on social media, follow your local Co-op for updates. But feel free to contact the stores directly with any questions you might have. As of now, our Co-ops are maintaining normal hours and days of operation. But this situation is changing quickly, and updates will be made as deemed necessary to protect our customers, employees, and communities.
Delivery of bulk products like feed and fertilizer and other services are still available. Check with local Co-op stores about enhanced delivery options.

When you visit your local Co-op, you may notice employees taking preventive actions including washing hands often, disinfecting frequently touched objects, and carrying hand sanitizer. Enhanced cleaning is being done at the stores throughout the day. Heavy traffic areas including sales counters, door handles, and rest rooms are receiving additional attention and being carefully sanitized. Any employees who are sick are being encouraged to stay home. These steps are being taken to further promote customer safety.

At TFC, some of our employees are working remotely to help prevent the spread of this disease. Essential employees for whom remote work is not practical continue to operate as usual. All employees are on the job and available to answer questions or assist you.

TFC employees are also being advised to practice good hygiene and follow recommended guidelines for washing hands, avoiding touching the face, and coughing/sneezing into the elbow. Work areas are being cleaned and sanitized frequently.

As of now, we are not experiencing any shortage of product in our supply chain. Depending on the length of the quarantine and the severity of the situation, this could change. We will quickly communicate any new information or concerns to member Co-ops who will stay connected to our customers.

Thank you
While this is indeed an unusual time and a challenging situation for our country, we are confident that we will get through this like we have conducted our business throughout our history: by working together cooperatively. I want to assure you once again that your Co-op will do everything possible to make sure your farm supply needs are met during this critical period. Thank you for your support and flexibility as we navigate a continuously changing situation. 

If you have any questions, please contact your local Co-op directly.

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