The Perfect Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement

May 08, 2024

Did you know that Mother’s Day surpasses Valentine’s Day as the biggest flower holiday of the year? It’s true! And while flowers may seem like a common gift, each bloom carries its own significance, making them a heartfelt gesture for Mom this Sunday.
         As you put together your flower arrangement, embrace simplicity by opting for a palette of soft whites, delicate pinks, or cheerful yellows. There’s no need for fancy vases — repurposing bottles, jars, and other glassware from your collection can add a personal touch. You may even choose to incorporate unconventional materials like unique branches, fragrant herbs, or other foliage from your backyard to really make your flower arrangement pop.
         Different flowers hold different meanings, so personalize your gesture by tailoring the arrangement to your mom’s preferences and then explaining the significance of the flowers you chose. To give you some ideas, here are five popular Mother’s Day flowers and the emotions they convey:
         As the official Mother’s Day flower, carnations symbolize piety, faith, and the timeless beauty of motherhood. More specifically, pink carnations express love and gratitude, while white ones represent remembrance of cherished moments with past generations of mothers.
         Roses, the epitome of love, come in a spectrum of colors, each conveying a distinct sentiment. Red roses signify passionate love, peach roses convey thanks and respect, deep pink roses express appreciation, and light pink roses symbolize happiness and admiration.
         Tulips, as some of the first flowers that bloom in the spring, signify renewal and new beginnings. Red tulips denote love, pink tulips convey affection, and white tulips represent forgiveness, while orange, yellow, and purple tulips express cheer, hope, and royalty respectively — a fitting tribute to the queen of the household.
         With their full blooms, hydrangeas are springtime favorites. Blue hydrangeas symbolize understanding and gratitude, pink ones convey love and sincerity, white hydrangeas represent virtue and grace, and purple blooms signify acknowledgement and abundance. As a bonus, these flowers can be planted in your garden after being gifted so that your mom can enjoy them all year long.
         Symbolizing new beginnings and motherhood, daffodils are often gifted to new moms to celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy. These perennial bulbs ensure that Mom can relish their beauty year after year while being reminded of you every time she sees them.
Now that you know the special meaning behind each type of flower, make sure to share the symbolism with your mom so she will appreciate each flower you’ve chosen even more. And for moms who dream of cultivating their own floral paradise, your local Co-op is your one-stop destination for all things gardening. Find your nearest Co-op location here.
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