Mother’s Day Flowers and What They Mean

May 10, 2023

Did you know that Mother’s Day is the largest flower holiday of the year? Even more so than Valentine’s Day!
Don’t be fooled into thinking that flower arrangements are too common to be special, though. Many types of flowers carry unique meanings, and creating a bouquet based on what those flowers represent is a great way to show your sentiment to your mom this Sunday.
Listed below are five of the most common Mother’s Day flowers and their meanings.
Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flower and have traditionally symbolized piety, faith, and beauty, which are classic traits of motherhood. More specifically, pink carnations represent love and gratitude, while white carnations represent remembrance. Incorporating white carnations into your bouquet can therefore be a sweet way to reminisce on the generations of mothers before you.
Roses can be found in nearly every bouquet because they symbolize love. However, each color represents a different type of love. For instance, red roses are a sign of passionate love, while peach roses are symbolic of thanks and respect. Deep pink roses represent appreciation, and light pink roses are said to symbolize happiness, joy, and admiration.
Tulips are typically some of the first flowers to start blooming in spring, and because of this, they have traditionally been associated with rebirth. Like roses and carnations, each color has a different meaning. Red tulips represent love, pink tulips represent affection, white tulips represent forgiveness, orange and yellow tulips represent cheer and hope, and purple tulips represent royalty — perfect for the queen of the house.
Hydrangeas are a fan-favorite spring flower because of their full blooms, and after they have been gifted, they can be planted in your garden to enjoy all year long. Blue hydrangeas symbolize understanding and gratitude, pink hydrangeas will show your love and sincerity, white hydrangeas represent virtue and grace, and purple blooms are associated with acknowledgement and abundance.
Like tulips, daffodils symbolize new beginnings and motherhood. In fact, they are often given to new mothers to congratulate them on the birth of their child. Because they are perennial bulb plants, they will reliably come back year after year, meaning your mom can enjoy their vibrant glow for a long time while being reminded of you every time she sees them.
Flower arrangements are a tried-and-true gift but take it a step further by telling her the symbolization of each flower you chose. And for the mothers who want to grow their own flowers, your local Co-op has everything she needs to get started. Find the nearest location here.
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