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MAX-IN provides maximum uptake of nutrients

By Darrin Holder, WinField Agronomist 5/1/2018


Darrin Holder, WinField Agronomist
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Even the most advanced genetics can’t deliver a payback without the nutrients to thrive. Adequate soil levels of all nutrients must be the starting point for any crop plan. More times than not, though, our crops do not have access to all the nutrients in the soil due to factors such as too much or too little moisture, compaction, or other environmental conditions. When conditions are not optimal, we have an opportunity to address deficiencies – especially the secondary and micronutrients – with well-timed foliar applications. MAX-IN® nutrients are available in precise formulations to help crops hit each growth stage with exactly what they need to achieve their full genetic potential.

MAX-IN products include patented CornSorb® technology, which greatly increases movement of nutrients through the leaf cuticle to internal leaf structures. This makes more of the applied nutrient available to the plant. CornSorb technology increases droplet spread, droplet coverage, and humectancy, which means more of the nutrient is available for plant metabolism and is less subject to loss through evaporation and other environmental forces. MAX-IN nutrients offer flexible applications by mixing easily with other crop nutrients and most crop protection products, including glyphosate-based herbicides.

We believe you should identify a nutrient need before making a foliar nutrient application. Tissue sampling and analysis with the NutriSolutions 360® program just before key growth stages will pinpoint nutrient deficiencies and recommend specific MAX-IN nutrient formulations, so you apply exactly what your crop needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

Once a deficiency is identified, we offer several precise formulations of MAX-IN nutrients that have been formulated to deliver maximum uptake of the essential nutrients. Below are just a few examples of the products available:

MAX-IN Zinc micronutrient is a foliar-applied source of zinc that can be used on a broad spectrum of crops. MAX-IN Zinc micronutrient delivers zinc to the plant with a crop-based adjuvant system for maximum nutrient uptake. Zinc plays a critical role in maximizing leaf and vascular growth and root development. A larger, more robust root system allows for increased nutrient uptake and more efficient water use. This will help reduce the impact of short periods of heat and drought stress, and may create a higher-yielding plant.

MAX-IN Sulfur secondary nutrient is an effective foliar-applied source of sulfur, which is vital for increased plant health and growth. Sulfur is a constituent of three key amino acids that are essential for protein formation. Sulfur is also a part of an important structural material of chloroplasts membranes and of ferredoxins, which are involved in photosynthesis reactions and in nitrogen fixation by legumes. MAX-IN Sulfur secondary nutrient can be used on corn, wheat, and alfalfa, and contains a patented, crop-based adjuvant system for maximum nutrient efficacy.

MAX-IN Boron micronutrient is an effective foliar-applied source of boron, which is vital for increased plant health and growth. Boron is essential to nitrogen metabolism and increased flowering and fruiting. It also increases cell division and differentiation, nodulation health in legumes, and the movement of sugars and carbohydrates in the plant. MAX-IN® Boron micronutrient can be used on a broad spectrum of crops and contains a patented, crop-based adjuvant system for maximum nutrient efficacy.

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