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Forage test your hay We have had a pretty good forage year, but the excess rain in the spring caused many producers to be a little late on the hay cutting. There were some people who got hay up pretty much on time, howeveBy Dr . Gary Bates, Director, UT Beef and Forage Center
Feedstuffs for wild deer For the most part, specific nutritional requirements of deer (cervids) are not well defined. It is known, however, that benefit is seen by increasing wild deer nutrition, particularly after the first By Todd Steen, TFC Nutritionist
Owned by you, built for you Owned by you, built for you” is a statement you have been seeing quite a bit for the last couple of years in The Cooperator advertisements for Tennessee Farmers Cooperative’s Metal Fabrication Plant oBy Jeff Wilkerson, TFC Hardware Senior Product Manager

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